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Are You or Aren’t You?

“An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off of a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.”–Reid Hoffman


Are you the person in the room with the ideas?  The “hey, I know how we can do this better” statements?  Do you often get assigned a project and wonder why its being done a certain way, and not “your way” which is clearly a better path?  Do you go home  from your job and dream of what it would be like be the boss?  Or better yet…the owner?  Do you play out scenarios in your head that involves you developing a new product, a new system, a new way of doing a business…and then get up the next morning to go build someone else’s dream?

Maybe you find a “good job” and do it for 3-5 years before moving on?  Do the people around you wonder when you are going to settle down or better yet ask you “why can’t you stick to something”?  Is every beginning super exciting and  then it just feels like the air is being let out of the balloon over time?

After spending time with so many people that were working the traditional 9-5 gig and then opened a business I have come to realize that people with that independent, entrepreneurial streak have those questions in common.  But that isn’t enough to to jump into being an entrepreneur.  The missing ingredients?  Listen to my main man Brendon Burchard to find out.


Got it? If you have true ambition you are ready to jump.  So what is missing in your life to get to that dream life you want?  Do you dream of creating a new product that could really solve a problem for lots of people?  Go learn!  Go develop and expand your competencies.  This won’t change over night for any of us.  But you know what happens when you begin?  Magic.  That is where EVERY PERSON has started.  When you begin and put your toe across the line you have put yourself on the same playing field as Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and others.

Being an entrepreneur simply means that you are willing to take risk to establish a business.  I love this equation as an illustration:

Entrepreneur + Capital = Products + Customers = Business.

The question becomes, for many that find themselves in the ‘why can’t you settle down” boat,  are you willing to begin?  If the answer is no then one of two things has occurred:

The dream you say you have isn’t actually your dream.

You need to work on YOU to gain the confidence to stop peeking over the edge and just jump.  Self belief is KEY to running your own…well everything actually.  Don’t have it?  Go get it!  In today’s world we have access to so much at the touch of a finger.  Podcasts, videos, audible books, etc.  Find the time.

*Truth:  all the peering over the ledge to try to see whats coming won’t build your confidence.  It builds your fear.  Beginning builds your confidence.  A person has to learn to win…by winning.  and the only way you can win is by doing.

In my network marketing company the home office provides a coaching team that works with individuals and our teams to help us grow, plan our success, and in general just be better.  It is pretty freaking awesome actually.  One thing I have adopted as an evaluation question has really helped center me:

Are my choices based on my dreams or my feelings?

As in…I really want to go back to bed because I am tired…or sit on the couch because I feel sad…or veg out with Candy Crush because I am mad…instead of doing the things that my dreams require  Like consistently writing a blog to lift people, spotlighting other amazing women, reaching out to people to build up finances and a better quality of life.  I mean lets be honest..sometimes we all just wanna watch a marathon of mindless TV and maybe enjoy a glass (or 3!) of a nice pinot noir.

I hope that reading my words or listening to one of my favorite trainers has sparked some questions in each person reading this.  Not everyone is going to be a business owner and that is OK!  But can you imagine a world in which the people that wanted it had the courage to go after it?  So if you are the person reading this that has realized it is you please take my advice.  Build yourself.  Expand your network of people.  Start sharing with the people that are your “ride or die” folks that you have real ambition and want more for your life and those around you.  And begin.  As I said to my daughter this morning…

“Be the leader, the one that people look up to…not the person living DOWN to others standards”

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