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*Warning:  adult language is sprinkled throughout.  In case you didn’t get that from the title.  Read on.  You have been warned.

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Lets talk friends.  BadAssery.  It isn’t even a word.  English teachers and purists keep reading.  Or not.  Your judgment can’t touch my BadAssery (that’s funny, not mean)

So basically, in my made up word, I just took BadAss from a noun, to a verb.  A verb is an action word right?  (Now my English teachers are loving this post)  So lets talk about this buzz word…bad ass.  How does one become a bad ass and better yet how do you practice BadAssery?

It’s not for the faint of heart.  It requires a certain amount of willingness to dream alone, think alone, and act alone.  But the real secret to practicing this ancient art?  Surround yourself with others that understand what BadAssery is about.  I want to make this PERFECTLY clear..being a bad ass isn’t about being alone nor is about being…well, an ass.

What does BadAssery Look like?

  1.  It is taking action.  The kind of action that sets the hair on everyone around you on fire but you feel like Buddha.  I am talking about the people around you jumping up and down and shouting “That is AMAZING” or “I can’t believe you DID that”.  Action + Peace=BadAssery.
  2. It is honest.  Being a bad ass doesn’t require a person to lie or hide.  In fact, it requires unrelenting truth and living in the wide open.  Letting one’s choices and the consequences come as they may.  There is Zero spin in this art form  Your actions speak for themselves.
  3. It is INCLUSIVE.  Now pay attention, this point is tricky.  Because so many times this is where a “bad ass-in training” gets this part wrong.  Being a real bad ass means you are working to make your vision, your dream, your goals possible.  And I have secret…are you ready?  You can’t get what you want by being EXCLUSIVE and treating others as if they don’t matter.  That will come back and bite you in the proverbial ass every time.  Zig Zigler, one of my favorite practioners of BadAssery, says it best:


4.  And last but not least…BadAssery is about being a champion.  A champion of self and others.  Now, I am not talking about saving others.  That’s Gods job.  Not ours.  I have had to learn that lesson the hard way over and over.  My friends from my single days can attest to this.  I swear, at one point in my dating life, I must have tried to save every “stray dog” that came around.  I learned the errors of my ways believe me!  (It is hard to believe I was every a doormat…and yet it is true.)

And now I will leave you with this song…when I am feeling like I gotta “get up to show up”…this is my go-to song.  I am NOT “America’s Sweetheart” of that you can be certain but I assure you I am down for supporting and cheering for each and every person that is working to build themselves and their lives in the image they only see in their dreams.  I believe in YOU and all that means.  You do NOT have to be the peacekeeper, the perfect person, the person that makes everyone else feel good.  I believe in the YOU wants to rise up and change the world.  That is BadAssery at its finest!

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