Thinking It Out Loud

Earning Our Worth


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
― Steve Jobs


In our house lately we have been talking a lot about self worth, pay scale, and growth.  I have two teen daughters so a lot of the self worth talk is in conversation with these two, beautiful inside and out, people.  Isn’t a wonder how we as individuals see ourselves when we are younger?  I mean, how can we NOT all see the greatness inside of each of us from the beginning?  Don’t misunderstand me, my girls both have a healthy sense of self however they are also in a time that “different” is bad and we tend to judge ourselves by how others see us.  Teens.  The original pack animal in my opinion.  Can you remember what those days were like for you?  Man, I can.

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Breaking the Ties That Bind-Champion Thinking

Lets talk about Sugar Ray’s quote.  Arguably one of the greatest athletes that has ever lived and competed.  Born in 1921 his family moved from Georgia to New York to escape the deep south and all that meant for a young black man.  He began boxing as a young teen and at 19 had won the New York Golden Gloves championship and turned pro.  Never looking back, he went on to win fight after fight…at one point he had a 91 winning streak going.  91! Champion thinking at its finest.

91 times he stepped into the ring KNOWING that the other person was there to take him down.  I can tell you right now, without knowing a thing about boxing, that streak had 20% to do with his physical training and 80% to do with his MENTAL training.  He believed he had prepared for each fight to the best of his ability and he KNEW that he was there to win.  Despite the people cheering or booing, Sugar Ray Robinson stepped into the ring, EVERY TIME, to win.

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