Thinking It Out Loud

The Ties That Bind


I got a whole Matrix theme going on for this weeks post.  Something about the place I am in life and feeling more alive and awake than I have in years has called up this movie for me.  It’s not even one of my favorites.  Actually, I am not certain I have seen the whole thing to be honest.  Nevertheless I feel like I am having a Matrix moment.  Like I just realized…the things I am doing now, and the freedom and fun I am having…well, I could have been doing those things all along.  But as Morpheus says…I wasn’t ready to be unplugged.  Are you?

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The Face of Female Ambition


Yes, I know that picture I chose is huge.  Its a little in your face…and that is the point.

Did you know that right now, based on a title that includes the words “female” and “ambition” there are people that just said, nope.  Not gonna read it.  Why?  Somewhere in our psyche we have this crazy notion that women + ambition= bitch. Click To Tweet So I guess that must be me. Cause I am definitely a women with ambition.  Ambition to be kind, funny, charitable, financially wealthy, a life of time freedom choices, and an ambition to be in the public eye.  There I said it…now you know I want to be a YouTube star..except I am about 20 years to old for that I think.  Maybe I can get the daughters…kidding!

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Sweat running all over my chest (chest) I don’t quit no!
I just press harder (Yea!) than I ever did before going for
The dreams that I have in store in my mind (mind) and I know
That i’m makin it I gotta get mine and nobody’s takin it away--MC HAMMER

Dreams!  Going for the gold, dream boards, the things we want and some of us dare to create. Dream killers. Dirty rotten scoundrels. They come in all forms. Family, friends…people “looking out for us”…but you know the worst offenders?  Ourselves!  The limits we place on ourselves and the language we use in our heads and out loud.  20 years ago I did a 4 day basic seminar through a company, PSI in Vegas.  This company is still around and is amazing, give it a google. That led to a 90 day, intensive small group, daily coaching, and 3 weekends type of course.  The focus of the 90 days was to make a goal in each area of our life.  Physical, spiritual, relationship, and career. And then live and act with intention every day in pursuit of those goals.  And guess what…the words hope, try, but, and can’t were 100% banned from our daily conversation.  Seriously.  I remember my roommate was like “whats wrong with the word hope…the world needs hope!”  At the time I agreed with her.

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