Thinking It Out Loud

Money Honey!


“Money can’t buy happiness, but neither can poverty”.  -Leo Rosten


Lets talk friends.  Get real, down and dirty, lay it all out.  I am just going to say it…there are a lot of us that really stink at money.  Making it and keeping it.  This post is about keeping it! If you are one of those responsible types that actually has bank accounts with a positive balance consistently, almost no credit card debt, and are on target to actually retire one day…I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU!  Got it?  Scram.  Go on…. get out of here, this post isn’t for you.  There are some lovely posts located elsewhere in my blog if I do say so myself.  We can talk next week.

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Stinkin’ Thinkin


“Following the herd is fine, until they all runoff the side of the cliff together”–Glenn Beck

Every one of us has had that moment.  You know the one.  We have been somewhere, heard something new, thought something new, got excited, and then shared it with the people close to us…our people…our herd.  And what happened in some cases?  SHOT DOWN right?  “That’s weird”.  “No one really does that”.  “Do you even know how to do that?”  “I don’t think that is a good idea”.  “That was not a wise decision”.

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