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“Your faith can move mountains and your doubt can create them.”–A really clever person

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This blog has been silent for a few weeks.  Not intentionally.  I kept having great ideas to write…I thought.  But then I would sit down..and crickets.  Just crickets.  Well, not exactly crickets.  The voice of doubt was loud and unrelenting.

Who wants to hear what you think?

What are you trying to teach people?

Why do you think you have anything worth learning?

I bet your friends are bored with your blog.  They were just being nice when they read it anyway.

Well, you missed a week.  Way to go.  Just like everything else you do.  Great start but weak on the follow through.

You haven’t even sent anyone that signed up for your email a thing.  Way to go idiot.

And so on.  Doubt.  But here is the thing about doubt.  For me, it is based in truth.  A least a part of the truth.  My Achilles heal is follow through.  My whole life this has been the case.  So when I “got off schedule”, hadn’t done the hard work to have a new entrepreneur spotlight ready to go…the voice of doubt crept in.  Reminding me that “I was doing it wrong” and probably didn’t have anything worth sharing anyway.

I am sharing this, not to elicit sympathy, but to take back my voice.  And to share with any of you the process of kicking doubt to the curb.  Doubt is a dream killer.  And my dream is to connect with as many people as possible and shed light on ways to make life better, be a business owner better, and all in all just be a better person.  That is really my dream.  That in some way, my voice, and my willingness to peel back my layers, will help others connect to their true purpose and move their lives forward in kick ass kind of way.  I also have a dream of world leaders calling me for advice but that is a topic for another blog. (insert winky face and laughing emoji)<—-I wrote that because the blog doesn’t have emoji’s!  And because I want you to know that my world leader comment was tongue in cheek comment…except I really do have that dream.

So lets talk about doubt.  How in all that is mighty and girl power-ish does it ever gain a foothold in our brains?  Well let me tell you…in a split second for many of us!  In fact, we are preconditioned to seek others approval and value it over our own sense of right or wrong.  Below are a few of the signs that doubt of self is taking hold:

  1. You feel on edge and nervous but can’t identify why.
  2. You second guess your decisions and actions and reactions in situations you used to consider “your turf”.
  3. You are afraid of speaking up.
  4. When you see someone with a great idea that followed through and you think “I just thought of that a week ago”.
  5. You are apologizing all the time.
  6. You do things for others, not out of friendship, but out of desperation to be “liked”.
  7. When given the choice to trust your own judgement or that of another you trust the other persons judgement FOR YOU.

Doubt.  Insidious.  Everywhere.  Common.

So how do we overcome doubt?  In a word.  Activity.  ACTIVITY!!


“Activity cures all ills”.  And another good one…


Not one person ever “didn’t take action” themselves to success.  But hundreds of thousands of people have “failed their way” to success.  Failures and mistakes are proof of action and effort.  Doubt in and of itself is proof of sitting on the sidelines.  When we take action and fall flat on our faces we feel 100% better than if we did nothing and let doubt tell us why doing nothing was the better path.  You know it and I know it.

So here I sit.  Still wondering if I should even publish this post.  Probably I am the only person that ever struggles with self doubt, right?   Probably not.  I bet I am the only one that will even read this post let alone find any value in it.  NOPE.  Doubt.  The only answer to doubt…is to hit publish.  And take another step forward.  And then do it again.

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