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Earning Our Worth


“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
― Steve Jobs


In our house lately we have been talking a lot about self worth, pay scale, and growth.  I have two teen daughters so a lot of the self worth talk is in conversation with these two, beautiful inside and out, people.  Isn’t a wonder how we as individuals see ourselves when we are younger?  I mean, how can we NOT all see the greatness inside of each of us from the beginning?  Don’t misunderstand me, my girls both have a healthy sense of self however they are also in a time that “different” is bad and we tend to judge ourselves by how others see us.  Teens.  The original pack animal in my opinion.  Can you remember what those days were like for you?  Man, I can.

Happy, unhappy, dramatic, boring, exhausting, and energizing.   Maybe I needed a mood stabilizer?  I think its just life between the ages of 13-???  As a woman I didn’t really start to come into my own until I was 30.  Truth.  At 30 I started to get that maybe, just maybe, being me was enough. Looking like me was harder to get to.  Even today I can’t help but focus on my double chin.  When someone tells me I look pretty I want to point out why clearly they are wrong.  Am I the only one?  So our conversations have been focused around understanding that just being an individual is 100% enough.  Boys, friends, even family come and go.  You always have to live with yourself so you might as well get comfortable with yourself and gain true appreciation for said self.

Saying it is one thing.  Believing it another.  Go on.  Say these things out loud.

I am beautiful.

I am smart.

I am enough.

Did you want to explain, that while those things may be a little true, there were plenty of reasons why they weren’t?  Or things you could do to “make” those statements true?  So you see my point?  Or rather you see the point of the Steve Jobs point. To move mountains we have to boil our thinking down to simple, clear statements. Click To Tweet Because when we do that, we CARRY those simple clear statements with us and change our world.  And when we change our world we tend to impact the world around us.  The ripple effect!


So about that pay-scale factor…

What do you tell yourself about the money you make?  Do you make a lot of money?  A little money?  Does the money you make even impact how you think about yourself?  Be honest.  As someone that has sat across the table from hundreds of people discussing their most intimate money success’s and failures I can tell you that 99% of us believe that money says something about US.  But I think we allow it to say the wrong things for the most part.  Do not get it twisted here.  I do think that money is a reflection of where we are in our lives to a certain degree.  I have come to believe that the amount of income I am capable of generating is a direct correlation to how I grow as a person and how many people I can help in some way.  Like I believe it so much that I believe my job is to be the best version of myself so I can impact other people and the world.  So long as the income to do that is legal the “how” is irrelevant.

That sounds crazy to some of you and others get it, right?

I have struggled with that thought.  I am from the Midwest.  I was raised on the idea that everything is earned.  And I BELIEVE that. Earning is important.  But I have changed my thinking about that concept being linear.  I am no longer willing to trade my time for a paycheck that someone else determines.  Because that paycheck will NEVER be enough for what I want to do.  Today, do you know what I did as part of my work day?  I went to Target and practiced random acts of kindness.  I gave away small gift cards.  I have added “create fun and passion for self and others” as part of my job description.  What?????  I can do this because I have created leveraged income with my at home business and I have this team of amazing people behind me.  Just like I am part of a team that is behind other amazing leaders.

So the question stands.  Are you earning your worth?  Or is your worth giving you your earnings?  I would love to hear from you guys about this one.  How do you really feel about that question?  I think your answer could give a peek into where to start if you want to grow!  I know my answer did for me.

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