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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Autumn Masterson Pettit

Q&A with Autumn Masterson Pettit.  Owner of Private Correctional Services. PCS works with non violent offenders through the court system and monitors drug and alcohol abuse  through drug tests and breathalyzers, ankle bracelets for house arrest’s, and provides contracted probation services to the courts.

Basically Autumn is a bad ass with dimples and a soft spoken manner.  Some might say a pretty version of Dog the Bounty Hunter.  I just call her my friend.  Autumn is a vegetarian, animal lover (ALL kinds) and wife and mother as well as business owner.

Q: How did you come into the business of private corrections?

When I was in college I had an interest in law enforcement. Unfortunately, that career path required weekend and night work. I waited tables through college and was keenly aware that night, private events, and holidays was something I didn’t want to work on. So, I opted for corrections. I started my first job in the field at a private agency in 2007 and worked there for two years before being hired on with the Board of Probation and Parole in Caruthersville, MO. In  2007, an opportunity became available to bid on the contract for the private agency that I once worked for. I decided to create a bid and relay how I felt a probation office should be ran. I was awarded the bid in 2007.

Q: You have employee’s and clients.  What have you learned from managing employee’s?

I have 6 employees and what I have learned about myself from that experience is to examine the whole situation before making a decision or reacting. I used to just react and in the last 9 years I have learned to pick my battles. One of the hardest thing comes when you want to give your employees much more than the budget allows and tough decisions have to be made.

I have learned to make tough decision even when I hate it.  I have also learned that keeping an open door,  and an attitude of “there is nothing we can’t fix” mentality is a great way to promote a positive environment. Finally, I have learned that I can’t fix every problem they have especially when it comes to conflict between themselves. I have had to learn to let them deal with it and not always try to fix things.

Q:  You have two teenage sons.  What do you hope they are learning from you as not just a working mom, but a mom that owns and runs a business?

As a mom and business owner I want my kids to have vision and learn to be the job maker.

Find ways to create wealth and income from your passion and have the knowledge that you only fail when you don’t try or quit! I have told both my boys, “I want you to be the job maker, when you work for someone else, you make someone else rich. “


They have seen me put in the hours, battle the battles, struggle though and keep going. They also need to see women in positions on power and leaders and I feel I am providing that foundation for them. I hope they will seek out partners in life who also embody entrepreneurship.



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