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The Face of Female Ambition


Yes, I know that picture I chose is huge.  Its a little in your face…and that is the point.

Did you know that right now, based on a title that includes the words “female” and “ambition” there are people that just said, nope.  Not gonna read it.  Why?  Somewhere in our psyche we have this crazy notion that women + ambition= bitch. Click To Tweet So I guess that must be me. Cause I am definitely a women with ambition.  Ambition to be kind, funny, charitable, financially wealthy, a life of time freedom choices, and an ambition to be in the public eye.  There I said it…now you know I want to be a YouTube star..except I am about 20 years to old for that I think.  Maybe I can get the daughters…kidding!

What does ambition actually mean?  From the good ‘ole Cambridge dictionary:  a strong desire for success, achievement, power, or wealth. 

UMMM, yes.  Sign me up.  For all of that.  And by the way…my daughters as well.  And your daughters.  Please and thank you.  This is an area that I struggled in.  That I didn’t think I struggled in.  I figured it out because, here lately, I have been speaking my mind AND my heart.  (For those that know me personally, stop laughing…yes, I am aware that I have never been shy about giving my opinions…but asking for what you want, deserve, and going after it isn’t just an opinion.)  So how does a desire go from just a want to an ambition.  Something you actively seek out.  Is your ambition more money, to be an athlete, earn a promotion in your chosen career?  From my one of my favorite training’s with Brendon Burchard:

1. “Raise your ambitions.”  Oh, ok…is that all?  Just step up my ambition game.  (insert eye roll). But really, did you know its that simple?  Stop overthinking!  Write down the ambition of your heart!  No one else will see it.  The first step to getting what you want?  Speaking it.  Give it a voice.  We all know what we want to do…we are just trained to shut ourselves down.  Because admitting that we, as women, want power or wealth.   Well, people might not like us.  Actually statistics show that is true.  Good thing I have always hated statistics.

2.  “We are only productive to the degree of motivation stirred by your ambitions.”  In other words…you can’t think yourself to action.  If you don’t really want to do something…guess what?  You won’t!  Weight loss because you “should”?  Nope, not usually.  Giving 100% to a job or relationship that just isn’t right?  No way.

3.  “Don’t set your ambitions by your past or current circumstances.”  So you tried 100 times and didn’t achieve…AND its something your really want to accomplish?  KEEP GOING!  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow past, so called, failures to keep your from driving for the brass ring.  Your success is out there.  Go get it.

4.  “Don’t feel the need to justify your dreams and goals.”  Are you the only person that believes you can do it?  GREAT!  Because that is the only person that counts.  I interviewed via FB live last night a jewelry designer, Carly Ochs founder of Bourbon and Boweties.  In the beginning she was told by friends, her ex-fiance, and vendors…”you aren’t very good at this” “this is a passing hobby” and so on.  And 4 years later she is in 73 Nordstrom’s and other stores across the USA.


Can I be really real with you guys for a second?  Screw anyone, and I mean anyone, that says you can’t do it.  If your ambition is to create wealth for your family or more time for yourself by making gummy drop wreaths for the world…GO DO IT!  You do not need to cut the naysayers out of your life (unless they are really toxic..then please kick them to the curb) and you don’t need to be rude.  Just move one.  Live your life.  Name your ambition and start working towards it.  Of course it will be hard work.  Of course you will have failures.  You will want to quit.  You will cry.  And there will be moments of feeling on top of the world, celebrating each success.  And when you are experiencing all of those things, you have to KNOW that you have found YOUR ambition.

Its 100% worth the price.

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