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From Good to Great


Do you have thoughts about starting something new in your life….a new career, a new look, a new way to relate, etc….but the start never happens? Or are you comfortable with just “good” and afraid to do something “great”?

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This is my 3rd blog post writing and I am already quoting myself!  Man, that is some ego on me, right?  Maybe.  Probably not.  I hope not!

It’s just something I have really been thinking about.  I mean lets be real.  In terms of life…my life is pretty good.  Family is good, we own a house, kids are healthy, we travel, we have food, we have time off, flexible schedules, etc.   Some days I think it’s pretty great to be honest.  And at the same time I also know that I have this thing inside me that is breaking free, this spark coming to life.  And while it’s exciting it’s also uncomfortable…because it most assuredly means I am challenging the idea of what a “good” life is and upsetting the apple cart just a bit.  I was talking to a friend of my mind about this and she said her dad always taught her the following:

“A person usually has to give up something to get something.  Sometimes its something bad for something good.  But usually not.  Its usually much harder as it is hard to let go of good and have faith that its for the better as good is ALWAYS comfortable.”

Preaching. To. The. Choir.

That is exactly how I have been feeling!  In my last post I talked about how its so exciting to think new things and get excited about a new path only to be shot down by those that we surround ourselves with so often.  And don’t get me wrong, I know that isn’t true for everybody and not everyone around us shoots us down.  But what is the first thing many of us have to give up to find great?  Is it a steady paycheck?  A group of so called friends?  A job you have always had but hated? For me it was other good opinion of me.   I am a people person.  I want YOU to like me.  Not only that…I want you to approve of me, my decisions, and my successes.  Please note…wanting approval does not leave room for failure, does it?  And so I stayed in the life of “good”, the comfortable, not failing,  nor really succeeding the way I  knew was inside me. I know many of you know this…but failure over and over…leads us to success.  Why?  Because we are DOING!  And doing gets us across the finish line.  Can any one relate?

So how do we start? Better yet…how do we fail over and over and over until we look up and realize we succeeded! I would love to read some comments or some email from you if want to share.  Was it a business?  A hair style?  A relationship pattern?

For me, I had to just start writing.  And then I started telling people.  Yesterday I told my first person that wasn’t a “yes” person.  Don’t get me wrong.  He is a friend.  And he is a good friend which means he gives me feedback.  One thing I have learned from working with a lot of men…they don’t pull any punches when it comes to feedback.  Its not personal.  Its just what  you asked for.  Their thoughts.  And the whole time I was thinking…”he probably thinks I am nuts.”  I mean, who am I to write about being an entrepreneur.  Sure, I have started business’s.  Yes, I have even sold a business.  But saying I have advice for other women trying to have more?  Or just do whatever they got going on better?  I mean, he knows me right?  He knows that I have had plenty of failures, plenty of moments that I couldn’t even pay myself.  So me…hope to give advice or inspire people? RIIIGGHHHTTT.

And you know what he said?  “Who is your target audience?”  “Where do you see this going?”  “Do you want to make money doing this?”  “What was that part about your kids, that was funny.”  “Are you going to start every blog with a quote?  I like that.”  And so on.  Not one time did he tell me I was nuts.  Not once.  So…from good to great.  The first step.  As Nike said…Just Do It.

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