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Knock Knock

“The outcome is not up to you. The outlook is.”
Germany Kent

Quick!  Write down the last 3 opportunities that came your way.  I mean it.  Don’t over think it.  What were they?  An unexpected night out to relax?  A new career path?  Maybe something in the form of a new relationship.  How did you respond?  Did you think it over carefully or just answer?  More importantly…did you say yes?  Have you ever given any thought to what a day would look like if you said “YES” to every opportunity that came your way?

Talk about a game changer right?  What if the day you said was your “yes” day was the day that someone asked if you wanted to go on a cruise?  Or the day that someone offered you round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world..but you had to leave that day.  Or maybe you say yes to your neighbor that has always asked you to go to lunch.  And at lunch your neighbor asks you to babysit their pet tarantulas (oh, great Sandra…see this is why I say NO!  I can hear you guys from here already) and because you say yes, you then find out that your neighbor is in fact looking for someone to leave all of their millions to but they just needed to find that one person to say yes to their pet tarantulas… My point is you never know where yes will take you Click To Tweet.  Which is why, I think, a lot of us are in the habit of saying no.  No is just plain old safer.

Be fearless.  How many no’s come out of your mouth compared to your yes’s.  Think about the last month.  I will help you by defining opportunity.  For the purposes of this post, an opportunity is anything that can bring you gain:  financial, lifestyle, professional, and personally.  What if the world where full of Richard Bransons and others like him who simply believe “if I think this is an opportunity then I will say yes and figure it out”.

But what do so many of us do?  We will recognize and acknowledge that, in fact, an opportunity has been presented.  “But what do I have to do?”  “How long will it take?”  “What if I can’t do it?”  And so on.  We overthink and don’t take action.  And then look up and wonder why everything stays the same.

I know everyone is thinking yep, I get it…BUT. Right?  Admit it…you know you were.   I HATE that word!  Have you ever wondered what the word BUT does to a statement?  It basically cancels out whatever came before it, right?  BUT can be really big mud puddle to get over when trying to connect with the opportunity that has fallen our way.  The biggest BUT…”what if this isn’t the right opportunity for me?”  And you know what friends?  That is legit.  Because all opportunity isn’t right for everyone.  For me, I am a big believer in my gut.  Intuition.  That little voice that sparks to life when the idea is first presented.  Did it make me feel excited?  Did I smile?  NOT the big ugly voice shouting all the reasons why that opportunity isn’t real.  I got one of those as well.  Sometimes its really loud.

If you take anything from this post, take this:  When opportunity knocks open the door prepared to say YES!  Think through it if its a life changing or momentous thing.  Being prepared to say yes can take all of us to the places we tell ourselves we want to go BUT always find a reason not to get there.  See what I did there?  Didn’t you like the first part of the statement the best…the part where you were going someplace great?  You saw it for a moment in your head and then I just took it away from you.

Stop doing that in your own life.  Say yes to the opportunities that come your way.  You will fail.  You will make wrong decisions.  Its how you answer that counts.  YES + failure + wrong decisions = SUCCESS.

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