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“If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not to other people or objects”–Albert Einstein

What is next level living?  Is it only for people lucky enough to be what the world defines as super successful?  You know the ones I am talking about..the celebrities, the powerful, the rich.  The people that “turned up” or are living “life to the fullest” or whatever pithy phrase we say.  Myself included.  Lots of those people look like they are engaging in next level living and I am sure many are.  After all you don’t get to a certain level of fame or fortune without always growing and reaching.  But I happen to know that you are also surrounded by many people that are always in search of the next level of success.  Be it in the professional or personal life.  You might be one of those people!

Next level living is simple.  At its core it’s the belief that life is about growing and experiences.  In fact I could argue that the aging process is tied directly to those two things.  I am sure each person reading this can think of people in your own life that you watched, either fade away and retire to the couch, or others that refused to give in and kept demanding more knowledge and experiences from life.  And that is a mindset.  Not a number or a stage of life.  When we engage in new things, new people, and what some people consider the dreaded word, CHANGE, we get energy.  Positive energy that will multiply if we just keep moving forward.

6 Easy Steps to Your Next Level

  1. Grab a pen and a scratch pad.  No need for fancy.  Find a quiet place that you can think and write for 30 minutes.
  2. Write down the 4 areas of life:  Professional, Personal, Health, Spiritual.  Under each heading identify 3 things you do in that category that you do every day and do NOT like or it brings you zero satisfaction in accomplishing.  If all don’t apply to you fill in the areas that do.  We can talk about the empty spots in a later post.  I am a firm believer that each of those major parts of our lives should have something we actively do.
  3. Now take a step back and review your list.  Identify ONE of those items.  Preferably the one thing that is weighing on you the most.  The one that you actively dislike but have always felt its was just the cards you were dealt, something that you describe as mundane, boring, or even the thing you do that you give ZERO thought to.
  4. Now answer:  Is the ONE thing that you are doing a MUST in order to survive?  I am serious, life or death answer.  For example:  You love your job but you wrote a job duty or a person that you have to deal with that brings you down every time…is that a duty or person that MUST be dealt with to keep the job?  Or did you write down your job but believe you can’t make a different choice for various reasons?  See the difference?  Good.
  5. If you love your job, your relationships, your health status, and your spiritual connection but realized you haven’t really improved or grown in those areas recently, well you are in what most consider an easy spot.  I actually  think its the toughest.  Because its comfortable.  And comfort is the enemy of growth.  Enjoy this quick video for some insight.  Key word:  change.  Attitude, duties, or process.  That is the process to next level the item you identified as lacking.

6.  Now if you are one of the ones that looked at your list and wrote something that you are really dissatisfied with the answer is simple but the process may be difficult.  Change is required.  The type of change depends on your self belief.

What do I mean?  To make big life changes requires each individual to see a bigger vision and a bigger life for themselves.  Maybe you know your marriage is bad but you don’t know what you would do if you weren’t married?  How would you pay the bills?  Where would you live?  Or maybe you wrote health.  What if you start buying healthier food or going to the gym and not out to the bar?  Would your friends still like you?

If you fall into this category the first place you MUST start is YOU.  Have the courage to see that in order for you to truly tackle the ONE thing you need to change, it has to start with you.  If we don’t change to grow then we make the same decisions, just in a different setting.  So your step?  Surround yourself in good thoughts.  Read them.  Listen to them.  Write them down.  Say them out loud.  Daily.  Doing those things will change your life from the inside out and when opportunity comes along or your create it you will be ready to JUMP!

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