Thinking It Out Loud

No Returns




Start.  Go Forward

Stop.  Go Backwards.

Start.  Wonder how to do more than Start.

Stop.  Take a nap.  Get on your phone.

Start.  Again.

Stop.  Again.  Realize you don’t even know what you started for anymore.

Start.  Again, but for real this time, right?

Stop.  And question if you even have a path to get on let alone stay on.


Except for this little wiggly thought that won’t stop wiggling.

After all, you do know your gift, the thing that sets your feet moving every day.  Your… why.  RIGHT???

I know.  Insert head slap emoji here. I mean, how many bumper stickers can there be about this topic? The why.  The thing meant to propel us into our greatest lives ever.  Which is…

What exactly?

Money?  Stuff?  Freedom?  Happiness?  Peace? The perfect body with the perfect family?  You on a couch with the family size Doritos and the Netflix binge of a lifetime?

Someone show me please!  Which totally defeats the purpose of the why because a “real why” should open our eyes to the greatness that will be ours if we hold tight to that why, right?   Why, WHY, WHYYYYYY.  UGH.

What if I said that the greatness isn’t what we will GET because of our why…but the greatness we will GIVE because of our gift which leads us to our why.  And our authentic why leads us to action.

Gift+Why+Action=’s Dream Board Life

That is the formula.  Guaranteed.  Wanna know how I can guarantee this?  Because when we all combine the first 3 things..the outcome is assured.  


So I’m asking all of you this:

Do you have the courage to share the greatness inside you?  I am not asking if you know  what your gift is.  I believe we all KNOW.  Now, whether or not you recognize it as a gift is another topic.

Do you see others that seem invisible?  Do you make others think?  Do you bring laughter with you?  Do you take action when others stand still?    Do you see solutions where others see roadblocks?  Are you persuasive and people move forward BECAUSE of you?  Do you offer people peace and solitude but not loneliness? Do you allow people the space to really fuck up and still love them?  Our gift is what puts the ripple effect into motion.

I know none of those things seem like what most people would call gifts. The world says a gift is a brain that cures cancer, or being able to make MONEY, or maybe even the gift to talk to dead people.

Yes, I swore.  And then in the next paragraph I mention God.  REAL talk.  I cuss, I drink, I am irreverent, and I believe in God.  Welcome to Thinking It Out Loud.  I really think I need emoji’s to convey my wit…

 My point is our gift is what surrounds us. It is what is in our hearts and our souls, Gods purpose to fulfill.  The manifestation of that gift is something else.   The gift is still inherent to YOU, to WE, to US.  Humans just screw it up because we get in our heads.  We let fear and doubt cloud what our soul is screaming at us.  


My gift has ALWAYS been the ability to help people “get unstuck”.  Usually philosophically and emotionally.  I am the person that people unburden themselves to.  You would be amazed at what people have said to me. Friends, family, and strangers.  WE ALL HAVE SHIT.  For some reason my gift allows people to let go of the shit and move forward.  It’s not mystical…it’s just talking and connecting.  That’s it.  The gift of connection and awareness gives people power to move on.  I don’t know how that will impact the world at large except that people need to move forward to create greatness.

I didn’t really recognize that as a gift for some time and I definitely didn’t understand how that played into a “why”.  And then it hit me…my why is and has always been very simple.  I want people to live their best lives possible.  Including me.  And once I realized my gift aligned with my why then I took steps forward.  I created this blog.  I created online groups and in person groups to bring people, particularly women, together to help each and myself dream bigger, do bigger, and create bigger.  And  funny thing began to happen…my dream board life began to jump off the board and into reality.

PS.  The video is kinda a  joke…but come on, who hasn’t turned this song up and just belted it out!!?


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