Thinking It Out Loud

The Face of Female Ambition


Yes, I know that picture I chose is huge.  Its a little in your face…and that is the point.

Did you know that right now, based on a title that includes the words “female” and “ambition” there are people that just said, nope.  Not gonna read it.  Why?  Somewhere in our psyche we have this crazy notion that women + ambition= bitch. Click To Tweet So I guess that must be me. Cause I am definitely a women with ambition.  Ambition to be kind, funny, charitable, financially wealthy, a life of time freedom choices, and an ambition to be in the public eye.  There I said it…now you know I want to be a YouTube star..except I am about 20 years to old for that I think.  Maybe I can get the daughters…kidding!

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