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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Dr. Monique Carlisle Johnson

Q&A with Dr. Monique Carlisle Johnson, owner of MCJ Consulting.  Based in the Cincinnati area, Monique works with schools and organizations and individuals who are ready to improve, grow, and change in ways that make a difference in the world.  MJC  Consulting is especially committed to full customized counsel, guidance, and support to educational organizations focused on student success.

Among other achievements Monique has her doctorate in Counselor Education with a focus in Higher Education Administration and a minor in Human Resource Development for Trainers, The Pennsylvania State University.

*Editors privilege:  When you meet Monique you can’t help but know that she is committed to what her role is.  I love to give this example of how she and her family live.  She and I were GS leaders together on an overnight camp out.  Camping is NOT Monique’s thing.  When she told her husband that “camping is for the birds” his response sums up their family mantra:  “So be a bird then”.  And you know what…she was a bird.  She cooked out, hiked, and sang songs like her entire heart was in it.  Because that is who she is.  Committed to the role she is in and gets the job done.

Q: Did you always want to have your own business?

No, I describe myself as the accidental entrepreneur. After being hired as a consultant (independent contractor) by the local school district two years ago, I realized that I was a business owner but did not see myself in that way.
 Over the past year, I began studying entrepreneurship and had an inspiring encounter with a retired Principal who inspired me to own it. MCJ Consulting was born in June of 2016.
I’m no stranger to business ownership.  My husband and I have owned a rental property business for the past 14 years.  He’s always been very entrepreneurial and owning real estate was a goal of his.  We bought our first home in 2002 and we now have 18 homes. We work together to manage the properties.


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