Thinking It Out Loud



Sweat running all over my chest (chest) I don’t quit no!
I just press harder (Yea!) than I ever did before going for
The dreams that I have in store in my mind (mind) and I know
That i’m makin it I gotta get mine and nobody’s takin it away--MC HAMMER

Dreams!  Going for the gold, dream boards, the things we want and some of us dare to create. Dream killers. Dirty rotten scoundrels. They come in all forms. Family, friends…people “looking out for us”…but you know the worst offenders?  Ourselves!  The limits we place on ourselves and the language we use in our heads and out loud.  20 years ago I did a 4 day basic seminar through a company, PSI in Vegas.  This company is still around and is amazing, give it a google. That led to a 90 day, intensive small group, daily coaching, and 3 weekends type of course.  The focus of the 90 days was to make a goal in each area of our life.  Physical, spiritual, relationship, and career. And then live and act with intention every day in pursuit of those goals.  And guess what…the words hope, try, but, and can’t were 100% banned from our daily conversation.  Seriously.  I remember my roommate was like “whats wrong with the word hope…the world needs hope!”  At the time I agreed with her.

Words Smurds I always say.

I HOPE I can save enough money to retire.

I would like to lose weight BUT I don’t like the gym I have to go to.

I will TRY to get that appointment set up.

I CAN’T do it so why even begin?

Can you see how each of those words weakens the idea?  And takes away the action that will produce the result? I mean, people…words we say out loud are one thing…the words we tell ourselves inside our topsy turvey brains?  Straight “to legit to quit” is what I am talking about.  Our brain believes what we say and then guess what…goes out and works hard to produce the result we told it to produce!  Would my day, or your day, be 100% on if every day we started with  something like “wake, pray, slay”?  If we used that to guide our decisions about chasing the dreams we have…would we go after them all the time in everything we did?  Can you imagine what your life would look like if that became your personal determining factor?

  • I said I wanted to start my own business.  Its hard.  Maybe I’ll quit.  OH, Wait…WAKE, PRAY, SLAY!
  • Losing weight is really hard.  I think I will just grab some nachos,  OH, Wait…WAKE, PRAY, SLAY!
  • I really want to cut my hair and dye it hot pink but what if no one likes it?  OH Wait…WAKE, PRAY, SLAY!

So if you adopted that mantra today…what would your tomorrow look like?  Eyes gleaming, language intentional, energy high.  Do you think that would be attractive to the people around you AND attract new people and opportunities your way?  Of course!  Just typing it over and over has made me feel like a bad ass!  Kinda like I need a super hero outfit to go with the attitude. Click To Tweet


“If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you begin”?  Well, what would YOU begin?  When we KNOW what we want to do and we shut ourselves down…that is the worst kind of failure, isn’t it?  I have a dream to be have a large platform that tells my story…about this blog, my success in life, and the impact it has made on the world by way of inspiring others and impacting my family and community in a meaningful and $$$ kinda way. I want to change the world for better.  Is that scary to say?  YES.  And guess what…I am actually on the path to creating that moment in my future.  I am on the way to impacting the world around me through this blog, my volunteering, and the business’s I am building.  The moment I stepped out of my comfort zone and shed the fear to begin…I began.  So simple.  Easy?  No.  Worth it?  Absolutely.

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2 thoughts on “WAKE, PRAY, SLAY!

  1. I love this! I have been saying g I finally have hope for my financial future. While even that is an kmprovement. I am going to change that to I can! I will! It is happening! I will wake, pray, nap and slay 😉

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